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Our Vision Strategy Where We Work News Our Organisation The Charity's work is taking place both in Russia and the United Kingdom. In Russia, we have been active in the region where Saint Seraphim of Sarov dwelt and was transfigured and where his relics lie today, the region of Nizhni Novgorod, the cities of Nizhni Novgorod and Sarov, and the village of Diveyevo.
Cambridge, UK
The city of Cambridge is an old English university town. It lies approximately 50 miles (80 km) north-northeast of London. It is also at the heart of the high-technology centre known as Silicon Fen. Cambridge is a unique context for theological education, with the World Class Faculty of Divinity, The Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies (C.A.R.T.S) and Cambridge Theological Federation.
Diveyevo, Russia
Diveyevo lies 12 kilometres from Sarov and is the location of the Monastery of Seraphim-Diveyevo, of which St Seraphim was spiritual guardian and where his relics lie today.
Sarov, Russia
Sarov lies approximately 400 kilometres south-east of Moscow and 200 kilometres south of Nizhni Novgorod. It is the location of the monastery where St Seraphim was transfigured. Stalin chose this place for what is today the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEF), the birthplace of the Russian atomic bomb. Sarov has been a closed city since the 1940's.
Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
Nizhni Novgorod, Russia's fourth largest city, lies 325 kilometres south-east of Moscow, at the confluence of the Oka and Volga rivers. From 1932 to 1990 the city was known as Gorky after the famous writer Maxim Gorky. It is a principal centre of education in all fields of endeavour, with numerous institutes and technical schools.
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