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The Charity's aim is to bring the witness and inspiration of Saintly Lives to as many people as we can.

The Charity has accomplished an enormous volume of work with very modest financial support and is poised at this stage for a period of significant development. This development can make a very great impact in the growth of the knowledge of Christianity in the world.

Much of our work has been undertaken on a voluntary basis. This has enabled the core costs, Support Services, of the Charity to be kept to a minimum. These costs have been met through private donations and contributions from active projects. With the development of the Charity's work there is a need to develop the core infrastructure to a level beyond that which can be sustained from these income sources and to deliver the number of projects that are ongoing. In order to ensure the Charity's long-term sustainability, both in terms of funding sources and program delivery, it has identified its most likely sources of sustainable income and needs support to further develop this.

Research is the life-blood of the work of the charity - it has been the source from which a number of products have already arisen. Through its work in Russia the Charity has developed significant research materials, important relationships, and there exist significant opportunities for further development. The Charity has facilitated significant dialogue across disciplines as they touch on the life of the extraordinary Russian saint, Saint Seraphim of Sarov, and as his life touches theirs.

The Charity has already staged temporary bases in Russia in the course of its Living Testimony research program and staged an extensive multi-media exhibition. However to develop sustainability in its program delivery, and relationships, and to embrace the opportunities that present themselves, a more permanent presence on the ground is needed in the form of a study facility. This will facilitate further co-operation with partners and associates with whom the Charity has been working creatively, and support ongoing research and dissemination. The facility will witness to the importance of, and need for, serious research and education arising from this living tradition, thereby spreading the universality of the message of St Seraphim and the Christian faith. With the accessibility of the Internet the results of these activities will become available throughout the world.

We also see the need to develop our Study Centre in the UK, where we presently have a modest base, situated in the heart of the University City of Cambridge.

We wish to develop these study facilities in Cambridge, linking them with the developing study facility in Russia, thereby being a bridge for co-operation between Russia and Great Britain.

The Very Revd Maxim Nikolsky


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