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Our Vision

Saints Alive vision is of Life
witnessing to transfigured humanity,
transfigured creation,
witnessing to Christ's presence
in all that lives.

Holy lives witness to this transfiguration, reflecting a unity, inner and outer. The witness to this highest potential capacity of humanity begins with the living testimony of our own lives. We aim to offer resources to inspire, inform and sustain this witness.


We are dedicated to:
   - the advancement of religion by witnessing to the Unity of Creation in Christ,
   - the advancement of education through practical reverence for all life.

Our focus on Christ at the centre of all created things, communicates this creative power, transforming suffering, wherever it is found. Today, humanity and all creation are in urgent need of integrative vision issuing in transformed reality. This most basic awareness is essential to our future, without which communities are trapped in the stranglehold of powerlessness in the face of so much suffering.

Our work, in its broadest sense, is that of a contribution to the transfiguration of humanity, and thereby culture. This is a motif whose presence in the living dialogue of faith is often overshadowed. However it is one with which we all wrestle in our quest to live out our understanding of what it is to be human. And this theme is not limited to those of a professed faith, for there is a widespread quest in our different worlds for "spiritual intelligence". This "spiritual intelligence" is nurtured, through the promotion of patterns of life, thought and prayer, which reflect holiness and wholeness in relation to ourselves, each other and the whole creation of which we are a part.

We are an independent charity and rely heavily on voluntary support, which we hope you also may be able to offer. I would like to support Saints Alive

Realising the vision

We are committed to inspiring, informing and sustaining people's living witness in practical, imaginative and integrative ways of seeing and living, thereby offering means for creatively transforming the suffering of the world in which we live, and promoting patterns of living in harmony within, with one another and with all creation.

Worship, The Land, Research, Education, Publication, Developing the Learning Community, Pilgrimages, Books and Film

We aim above all to be honest, accountable, effective, innovative and flexible. As a learning organisation, we are constantly evolving. An emphasis on research, analysis, evaluation and dissemination is vital to our future.

We rely on every member of the team - partners, donors, staff, volunteers, committee members and trustees. It is only when all parties work together that we can realise our shared vision of a world in which every person's life may witness to its highest potential.

We work in the UK and in Russia. The organisation is relatively small but growing and its achievements are disproportionate to its size. Our work is accomplished in partnership with those who share our aims and interests.

As we grow and strive to make a significant impact on people's lives, our work will be governed by a number of values.

The Very Reverend Maxim Nikolsky


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