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It was with great pleasure that, in 2003, we welcomed the appointment of the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, as Patron of the Charity. Dr Williams wrote,

This Charity represents a number of causes very close to my heart, the care of God's creation, the need for prayerful and thoughtful rediscovery of the central doctrinal truths of our faith, and the renewal of the Christian heritage of Russia. I am very glad that this crucial work is going forward and am entirely supportive of the aims of the Charity.

Lambeth Palace - On May 29th 2003, to celebrate the centenary of the canonisation of St Seraphim of Sarov, the Archbishop, together with Guests of honour, Bishop Basil of Sergievo and Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia welcomed our guests, more than 140 people. After keynote addresses, a new promotional video of our work in Russia was premiered, supported in part by the Archbishop's charitable funds. An akathist to the saint, led by Bishop Basil, followed in the crypt chapel.

To Diveyevo & Sarov - In late July 2003, as guest of Patriarch Alexis of Moscow and All Russia, Archbishop Rowan made a personal pilgrimage to venerate St Seraphim's relics and to participate in the centenary celebrations.

Dr Williams said St Seraphim......this extraordinary man of God ... has been a crucially important figure for me since my teens and has recalled countless thousands of people to the great mysteries of transfiguration, resurrection and reconciliation within the whole of creation.

Board of Trustees

Governed by a Board of Trustees, responsible for ensuring that the charity is well-managed in line with its vision and objectives, the Board also ensures that it is compliant with the legal and statutory requirements of a UK charity.

The Trustees all give up their time and energy voluntarily.

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The Director

The Trustees appoint the Director, who is responsible for managing the organisation, along with the Chairs of the following committees:

Research & Education

The Research and Education Committee is responsible for our research and education activities. Research is contributing to the growth of a scholarly community with a focus in 'Living Holiness'; this work has an inter-disciplinary character. We value the contribution of others, especially practitioners, in collaborative research partnerships. We hope to increasingly offer resources of benefit to schools, colleges, churches and other organisations in the UK, Russia and internationally.

Publications and Communications

The Publications and Communications Committee promotes our work to various audiences in order to raise awareness of our activities and resources around the world.


The Fundraising Committee promotes our work to various audiences in order to generate funds for the programmes and awareness of our activities around the world.

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The Finance Department deals with the organisation's accounting and administration needs. We are committed to stringent inspection procedures, so an independent examiner is employed to oversee the accounting procedures of each of the country programmes.

Staff and volunteers

The effort, commitment and skills of our staff and volunteers are at the heart of our organisation. We are committed to our staff and volunteers.

Our volunteers play a crucial role in our work. Many of our long-standing volunteers have worked with us for a considerable period of time, contributing invaluable time and skills to the organisation.
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Saints Alive is an initiative of Registered UK Charity, Number 1070055.
Registered Office: 12 Grange Road, Cambridge CB3 9DU, UK.

The Rt Rev. and the Rt Hon. the Lord Williams of Oystermouth, Dr Rowan Williams

The Very Revd Maxim Nikolsky


Miss Jeanne Knights

Trustee & Director

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