What We Do
Programmes Research & Development Education Publication Events Pilgrimages Our publications in text, film and electronic media, contribute to the possibilities of our growth in holiness, appealing to both Christians and non-Christians who have an interest in the mystery of transfiguration and St Seraphim. Our research is the source through which products arise; the following projects are in process.
The Chronicles
Publication of English edition of the most important text in St Seraphim Studies - Chronicles of Seraphim-Diveyeo Monastery. This key text gathers testimonies of pilgrims, monks and nuns who met St Seraphim during his lifetime.
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The Conversation
Publication of a new illustrated English translation of the Conversation between St Seraphim & Nichoolas Motovilov.
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Living Testimony - Film
In a fight against time, we are gathering the last living testimonies of a dying generation. Eye-witness accounts tell of a vibrant spiritual tradition preceding the most brutal century of Russian history. This film documents the history, faith and legacy of men and women of this era. To be available in English and Russian.
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I Witness
With the fruits of the Living Testimony research we are creating a bi-lingual Visual History Archive, for use in schools among students and accessible world-wide through the internet. This programme will make a major contribution to St Seraphim Studies, ensuring the accessibilty of the fruits of this work to present and future generations.
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