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We all wrestle with our quest to live out our understanding of what it is to be human. This theme is not limited to those of a professed faith, for there is a widespread quest in our different worlds for 'spiritual intelligence'.

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Look and witness the beauty that surrounds you,
    And realise that you too are part of this beauty....

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Become a Friend
'Dear Friends,
You have opened a page in the life of a body that is aware of our surroundings, our environment, which is God-given;.... we too can be in communion with God, our fellow man, and nature..   We invite you to join us'.''
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Giving of Time and Money

We need your support - whether it be your time or money - there are numerous ways to support the ongoing work of Saints Alive. We invite you to help make a difference in whatever you are able.

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We are committed to a lifestyle that is in harmony with our status as human creatures, living in a healthy balance between prayer, work and study on the one hand, and relaxation, recreation and rest on the other. We know how challenging this can be in today's world, yet easier when shared.
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One is not alone in the world.

                We are part of the human family..........

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