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My Joy

DVD - Containing English, Russian and Greek Versions

The fruit, the labour of many people in Russia and Britain who love St Seraphim, this film looks at life and the aim of life, the tragedy of the 20th century and the resurgence of Christianity in many hearts. Beginning in Sarov, still a closed city in Russia, we move to the Monastery of Seraphim-Diveyevo before finally reaching heaven itself.

'This film inspires one to examine the spirituality of the saintly starets*. St Seraphim's life reveals to us one who is chosen of God and sent into the world to teach us to pray. 'Acquire the spirit of peace and thousands around you will be saved.' said St Seraphim of Sarov.
*starets: a monk particularly venerated for his spiritual gifts.
Archbishop Anatoly of Kerch

'Father Seraphim met all people with the Easter greeting "My Joy Christ is Risen!". Why did he welcome everyone with this Paschal greeting the whole year round? He did this because he was already living the life of the age to come, he was already experiencing in this life the joy of the Resurrection'
Mother Sergia, Abbess, Monastery Seraphim-Diveyevo

'A striking and exceptional opportunity to see how the present meets the past in the life and faith of modern Russia through the continuing witness of one of Russias greatest saints.'
Bishop Basil of Sergievo

'This is a challenging and moving testimony to the abiding spiritual presence of one of the greatest figures of recent Christian centuries, whose witness to the transfiguring power of God is of exceptional depth.'
Archbishop Rowan Williams

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