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Chronicles of Seraphim-Diveyevo Monastery

in the Ardatov Region of the Nizhegorod Province
Including the Lives of its Founders St Seraphim and Schema-nun Alexandra (A.S. Melgunova)

ISBN: 978-0-9567313-1-9

Beautifully produced leather-bound edition in slipcase.

A unique publication!

First English translation.

Order: Chronicles of Seraphim-Diveyevo Monastery

Orders fulfilled from October.

A unique publication that penetrates the curtain of Russia and the Russian soul!

First English translation of a story of miracles, love, hate, faith and betrayal; but sorrow and sadness is overcome by prophecy and unimaginable joy. This is a story of simple folk and spiritual giants in 19th century Russia. It’s the story depicting the extraordinary life of a boy becoming the world beloved St Seraphim of Sarov. We see Seraphim transcending the bounds of the spiritual and the material. We encounter a man full of joy to whom flocked thousands of people - and still do. He was at one with nature, living in the forest where the wild bear lies at his feet and is fed by him. He is at one with all, forest or town. We encounter so many individuals searching for something more than their immediate surroundings, we enter the Convent in Diveyevo and see life inside, warts and all.

This historical tale was compiled from 60 notebooks of first person testimony, published in 1903, saved from destruction by communists, and finally published in English in 2018.

  • Introduction by Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia, one of the world’s foremost Orthodox theologians
  • Compiled by Metropolitan Seraphim (Chichagov), martyred by Bolsheviks in 1937
  • This historical and devotional edition includes:
    - Introduction
    - Foreword to the 1903 Edition
    - Manuscripts and Published Works
    - Synopsis
    - Chronology
    - Glossary
    - Further Reading
    - Index of Places and Subjects
    - Index of Persons
    - Atlas Section
  • Hand drawn original maps
  • Key Historical Documents
  • Original 1903 Edition Lithographs and Photographs and other Illustrations
  • A unique Visual Story-Telling:
    - foundation of Sarov Monastery
    - beginnings of Diveyevvo Community
    - life of St Seraphim
    - life of the sisters
    - development of the Mill Community
    - the communities after Fr Seraphim’s death
    - St Seraphim’s canonisation in 1903,
    - desecration during the soviet period
    - renewal after the collapse of communism
    - return of the relics in 1991

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