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The Aim of Christian Life

ISBN: 978-0-9567313-0-2

A little over a year before his death in 1833, Father Seraphim met in the forest with one of his spiritual children, Nicholas Motovilov. All his life this young man had wished to know the aim of the Christian life, but no-one had been able to satisfy him with their answers. In this conversation, Father Seraphim tells him: “The true aim of our Christian life is the acquisition of the Holy Spirit.” Not understanding what this meant, the young man presses Fr Seraphim to explain. It is then that bodily transfiguration takes place, (about which you may read in this book), a milestone in Christian tradition; a witness that inspires the hearts of the Russian people and, increasingly inspires the hearts of those, both East and West, who encounter the living reality of Saint Seraphim. This new edition is based on the longest and most comprehensive Russian version of the text, highly regarded by scholars, theologians and historians and is illustrated with original drawings by the Belorussian fine artist, Irina Kotova.

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